Date Subject
07, December,2011 Meeting New Date 12-12-2011
05, December,2011 Meeting on 09-12-2011
05, November,2011 CDOs Meeting 11-11-2011
03, October,2011 Agenda for the meeting on 10-10-2011
17, September,2011 Gramin Awas Nirman
12, September,2011 Reg. participation in Saras Mela
9, September,2011 Reg. Ambedkar Villages
6, September,2011 Reg. provisions of Vidhan Mandal Kshetra Vikas Nidhi and status of compliance of directions of Hon'ble CM
7, September,2011 Meeting on 11th September,2011
2 September, 2011 Payjal Important Govt Orders(2-9-11,5-8-11,29-6-11,17-7-09)
30, August,2011 Regarding Jan Shikayat
18, August,2011 ALL PDs meeting on 23-08-2011
7, July,2011 BPL Survey 2011 - Minutes of meeting held on 10th June, 2011
5, June,2011 Hon'ble RD Minister Meeting on 09-06-2011 at 11 AM, Venue UPRRDA Meeting Hall Annexure-2
30 May,2011 IAY Physical Monthly Target
30 May,2011 MSAY Monthly Target
30,May,2011 MAY Monthly Target
12, May,2011 SGSY Monthly Taget
10, May,2011 RSBY GO
29, April,2011 Hon'ble RD Minister Meeting on 09-05-2011 at 11 AM, Venue UPRRDA Meeting Hall
19, April,2011 RSBY GO
3, March,2011 Hon'ble RD Minister Meeting on 10-03-2011 at 10 AM, Venue UPRRDA Meeting Hall
28 February,2011 Sanction of IAY Houses in Ambedkar Villages
28 February,2011 Progress of IAY MIS and Houses sanctioned under IAY
17 February,2011 GO no. B-348 of Finance Department regarding Managament of releases under state share