Socio-Economic & Cast Census 2011 (SECC-2011)
SECC Claims and Objections
SECC Claims and Objections Guidelines
SECC Claims and Objections Guidelines in Hindi
SECC Guidelines (MS-Word File In Hindi) **** (PDF File)****
Tentative Plan for completing SECC-2011  
Acitivity Chart  
Monitoring Formats
SECC 2011 Presentation prepared by Department of Rural Development, Govt. of UP
SECC 2011 Presentations provided by Census Directorate
Circulars and Guidelines Issued by Government of Uttar Pradesh
Date Subject
22,November 2013 Regarding nomination of officials for disposal of claims and objections
17,July,2013 Regarding process of disposal of claims and objections AND Notification
2,February,2013 Regarding training of Varification Module 
31,January,2013 Regarding draft list 
20,November,2012 Instruction manual for verification and correction module 
18,October,2012 Reg SECC-2011 and Draft List Publication 
12,October,2012 Minutes of the meeting held on 12-10-2012 
12,October,2012 Refresher Training on SECC-2011 
9,October,2012 Reg. quality of SECC-2011 Data(Report on field visit) 
1,October,2012 SECC State Coordinator 
1,October,2012 CDOs and BDOs nomination for disposal of objections 
19,Sep,2012 Reg. Primitive Tribal Group, Manual Scavanger and Bonded Labour 
18,Sep,2012 Reg. Quality Audit 
11,Sep,2012 Letter from Chief Secretary reg SECC-2011 
25,July,2012 Qualifications of DBA and DEO 
24,July,2012 SECC Checklist 
12,July,2012 Regarding additional Tablet PCs 
6,July,2012 Information of Established Charge Centres **** Annexure-1****SECC Server-Specification****Annexure-2****
5,July,2012 Reg SECC Time Table 
28,June,2012 Regarding Draft List Generation - pre -requisites 
2,June,2012 Regarding Distribution of Tablet PCs 
15,May,2012 Reg SECC 2011 
15,May,2012 Reg. A H L Booklet 
11,May,2012 Itemwise Expenditure 
11,May,2012 Acknowledment Slip Printing Instructions ****Annexure(In CorelDRAW For Printing Press)****Annexure(In PDF)****
8, May,2012 Regarding Distribution of Tablet PC and Kits
3, May,2012 Regarding Training arrangements ****Annexure****
3, May,2012 Regarding Training arrangements
3, May,2012 Regarding 3 days training of Charge Center Officers/BDOs
3, May,2012 Regarding Receiving of Booklets from Headquarter
3, May,2012 Regarding Number of Tablet PCs to be received
3, May,2012 Regarding District Wise List of Vendors
3, May,2012 Regarding Booklets for Enumerators & Supervisors
3, May,2012 Regarding Number of Enumerators, Supervisors, Master Trainers & Charge Centres
2, May,2012 SECC 2011 Important GO No. 489
30, April,2012 Reg Training Programme at Divisional HQ
28, April,2012 SECC Fund Releases
27, April,2012 Notification No. 461 for BDOs
27, April,2012 Notification No. 464
27, April,2012 Notification No. 463
25, April,2012 SECC Guidelines****Annexure****
23, April,2012 Establishment of Charge Centres
20, April,2012 Checklist and Time Schedule for Activities
19, April,2012 Guidelines --Enumerators and Supervisors
18, April,2012 Notification No. 390
18, April,2012 Regarding Training
16, April,2012 Notification No. 368
16, April,2012 Notification No. 367
13, April,2012 Notification No. 366
13, April,2012 Notification No. 365
12, April,2012 SECC SLCC Meeting
9, Nov, 2011 Methodology of Socio Economic & Cast Census
Manuals,circulars and guidelines issued by Ministry of Rural Development, Govt. of India
  Director Census Letter Dated 25-05-2012
Director Census Letter Dated 30-04-2012
Consolidated Instructions
SECC Process
Presentation held on 31-05-2011
Infrastructure requirements for Charge Centres
    (Note About Charge Centres: Windows-7,MS-Office and Anti-virus are NOT required for SECC work.)
Manuals,circulars and guidelines issued by Ministry of Housing and Urban Poverty Alleviation, Govt. of India